Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Jobs are Not for Everyone

So what have you been doing this summer vacation? The start of the next school year is less than 4 weeks away. What books did you read? What new skills did you acquire? Did you earn extra money from parttime summer online jobs? Hey, do not feel gloomy if you did not contribute to the family's coffers. You're still a student. Enjoy your high school or college days. They won't last, believe me. Enjoy the study days and stop hankering for the working days. Five, three, or one year from now, you'll be working all your life. Of course, you can still study while working. After you graduated in engineering, no one can stop you from taking up law or medicine. In fact, you can stay in college forever if you keep on failing. Joke! ha-ha! Read my lips: go to a beach and enjoy the sun (dare! wear a bikini! weeeiiiii!). Don't forget to bring the picnic food basket and ice chest!

Now, let's talk some business. No one on earth would reject the idea of learning something that could help him or her get some work and earn some money. Yup, good things often start from below. A dollar is still a dollar. Try walking a hundred miles and see if you could find some forlorn-looking dollar bill waiting for you to pick it up. Any currencies these days require a lot of work to earn their presence in your wallet. Those who want to make money in return to a bit of light work are living in paradise--which is really non-existent. Yup, it's hard to accept but life for the new-starters will be more difficult.

Okay, I'll stop rambling and start telling you this juicy idea of earning money online. Are you a chatter? Are you a social butterfly? Do you like social sites so much that you have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Peeps, and so many others. (Omigosh, social sites are sprouting like mushrooms these days!) Then, what are you waiting for? You gotta talent--don't waste it. Start blogging right now, right here on It's very easy to use. It has built-in monetizing system. It is now integrated with Be a blogger and a seller. And don't forget to promote your blog to friends from different parts of the world. Just don't spam. ha-ha!

Oh, I almost forgot, you may have to set up a Paypal account as one of payment method options (which automatically converts withdrawal to local currency and require ordinary savings account). You may opt to have checks delivered right to your mail box instead; but this method require a dollar account to cashout. Explore these payment issues quite thoroughly and decide carefully before you choose payment method. More helpful info to come! :)

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