Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Gotta New Blog Page!

Hello everyone! After more than 2 years of surfing the Internet (actually I practically lived on the Net in those months full of amazing discoveries!), I finally decided to learn how to monetize blogs through social marketing. It was only a year ago when my HubPages account started earning some income. Though I'd never claim that I'm an expert because the money I earn only trickles. This is the main reason why I got excited upon learning the great news about the Blogger-Amazon integration. I zoomed back into my old Blogger account and started pounding my keyboard as soon as I had this idea. After reading a few social media marketing books and participating in tons of social media sites through use of my personal computer and my antiquated Blackberry phone, I could say that I have succeeded on creating a tinnie-winnie presence on the web these days. This small result required long hours of hard work. I had a few setbacks like getting ignored, blocked, and banned from social sites. But luckily, there are plenty of them now. There's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Tumbler, Plurk, and many more. Have you tried playing the Farmville? Try it now. It's fun!
Alright, I'll stop rambling about my Internet history and start with some good news about my news blogs. Actually, they are family-owned blogs because we all dabble whenever we got free time. You like reading love stories? Check Lady Romantica's Romantic Love Stories. Wanna learn forex trading? Visit Forex Mistress today and find some mean forex books for newbies. And don't forget to click my new personal blog page: CzarinaCleopatra. All the best for everyone!

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