Friday, May 7, 2010

Narcopop.Com is Legal MP3 Website for Music Downloaders and Upcoming Bands

Hiyaaa, guys and gals out there!!! And, uhm, all music lovers! Gotta MP3 player? I bet, yes. Ooooh, an iPod nano? I'll die for the Apple iPod classic -- and for its 160 GB!!! Teenagers (and adults) around the world are crazy on music. Now, where do you get those edgy, dancy, teary tunes? Hmm, there are lots of music site on the Internet but here's one that I'd like to recommend...

Try this one site Narcopop.Com. The music you'd find here is legal and easy to download. Free music from different bands all over the world. It is the home of the legal MP3 Awards since 1999. That's more than 10 years of good reputation. And it's a feat because it's kinda hard to stay online these days. Often, owners lose interest. Sadness... Good thing, stays! :) Free and legal MP3 music are available directly from the music bands. It's like meeting the singers and artists personally! Read some juicy info about musicians' background and history while downloading.

Now, if you're a band who have music to offer the world--ADD your band to It is free. It is easy and quick. Even if you're just starting a band, go ahead. There's no charge to the publicity you'd get. No band? Just a single act? Pure techno? (I admire people who could create music from the computer or music software. I'd go nuts if I'll try to learn Sybelius though.) A bit oldies? Singers, composers, and anyone who got music to share--come all and SHARE your music now. The steps are no-fuss. Just click here: and get yourself listed. There are some requirements:
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • One Full Length Track In Mp3 Format
  • One Widescreen Format Image, 715px X 199px
  • You Can Upload Additional Artwork, Video And Lyrics Too!
Downloading legal MP3 music from is much easier. Say, you're looking for something jazzy. Click on 'Jazz' from the list on the left side bar and get directed to the jazz page. You like the sound of 'Dodo Ranch'? Click on their image and visit their website. Whoa! I found more than 'dodo' music. Whatcha waitin' for? Check Narcopop now and find out what else are in store for you. :) Oh, and once you joined, don't forget to create a playlist. See yah there!

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