Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 Simple Ways to Stay Financially Healthy

Heya! I've just been counting my monies and my spendings these past few weeks. Since my course in college is Accountancy, I should be able to balance my personal finance. Luckily, I don't have credit cards and checkbooks. And I don't think I'll ever want any of those for personal use only.

I'll buy what I want when I have the cash money to buy it. Saving certain amount every month (or every week, in my case as a student) is better than paying monthly installments for goods that often manage to look worn down before they're completely paid. Whew!

As a student with a fix allowance and fixed expenditures, I have learned that there are 3 very simple ways to save your neck from getting strangled with debts.

#1: If you have credit card debts, always double or even triple your monthly payments. This advice has been told a million times but still very, very sound. Coming from a credit card non-user, the best tip that I can give - never use plastic if paper is available. Hmm, does it sound wise? What about debit cards? Hmm, again. lol

#2: Take note of every expense you make. Use a small notebook to jot down every thing - fare, drinks, foods, and even candies. I need just 2 columns to balance my meager funds. Since I have no utility bills yet, my expenses are all personal. Tracking helps a lot to have clear understanding during auditing time, especially when the monies are all gone.

#3: Feed your piggy first. I don't like the phrase 'paying myself first' because I tend to put the money into my wallet and I always end up spending it. LOL. Seriously, I use an old tea pot as a hiding place for my 'wish-to-buy' money. Sometimes I receive my school allowance weekly; but oftentimes, it is on a daily basis. I always abide to the '10 percent' saving rule; but I often push it up to 50 to 75 percent. I will eat a heavy breakfast or lunch before leaving home so my only expense would be the transportation.

Beware: scrimping is often followed by a binge. So whenever I have this sudden urge to buy myself a cup of thick and syrupy (and oh-so expensive latte), I wait for at least 3 days before I succumb. I always manage to last that long when I tell myself that fasting will do good for both the pocket and the diet.

These 3 simple tips had worked for me because, after only 2 weeks, I was able to buy the 3 t-shirts that I'd been dreaming about - without asking for a loan from my parents. ;)
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Have You Ever Seen or Tasted Snake Wine?

I was doing a research for a hub on Tapuy Rice Wine when I encountered such exotic (but terrifying) rice wines. These are found mostly in China, Vietnam, and all over Asia. I found large and whole snakes, along with giant scorpions (or seemingly large-sized due to close-up shots), soaked inside transparent bottles of colorless rice wines.

Good thing, there are also whole ginseng roots and other herbs. Otherwise, the claim that these rice wines with venomous creatures have medicinal values will be unbelievable. Although historically, the snake rice wine is among the Traditional Chinese medicine roster. The belief is quite ancient but until today, medicinal rice wines are still popular cure for many illnesses like farsightedness and also an effective performance enhancer.

Wanna try a shot? Me? No, thanks! I'll just hold the camera and take a pic of you while gulping down a shot of snake wine. lol

Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd Time! - My Hub Won the People's Choice Award in the Hubbalicious Contest!!! THANK YOU for VOTING!!!

Hello, beautiful people! Thank you very, very, very much for casting your votes to QUEEN CLEOPATRA's 3rd finalist hub in the HubPages's Hubbalicious Contest! Writing hubs for the contest had been nerve-wracking because of the pressure of time deadline. But it was really enjoyable and fun. The challenge was exhilarating.

The winner hub for 'People's Choice' Award -- 2nd time for Queen Cleopatra -- is titled "PHILIPPINE CUISINE - FILIPINO DISHES FOR EVERYDAY AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS". It was nominated for the Hubbalicious' Week 4. Wow!!! It's such a great honor! Thank you very much, HubPages!

The first winner hub is "DELICIOUS RICE CAKE RECIPES FOR SNACK". It was nominated for the Hubbalicious' Week 3.

The first ever nominee hub for the Hubbalicious' Week 1 is "PROLIFIC CEREAL GRAINS: CORN AND WHEAT". It did not win but the amount of exposure it got is more than enough compensation for the time and effort!

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