Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wanna Earn Money from Writing? Join Hubbalicious Contest in HubPages!

Heya, everyone! Here's a new and fabulous way of earning extra money through writing--join HubPages! Never heard of HubPages? Trulily? Omg!!! Be an instant Hubber today--JOIN HERE! You will find several easy steps to sign-up. Not an English speaker? No problem. You still have 5 days (that is, if you're reading this blog today - May 26, 2010) to polish your English.

Here are some of helpful books: "English Grammar for Dummies", "Thesaurus", "English Language and Composition for Dummies", and "Vocabulary for Dummies".

And while you're sharpening your writing skills, GO HERE to get a preview of the lists of future topics for this deliciously titled HubPages contest. Read, read, read! For the next 30 days -- for the whole month of June!!! -- you'll be writing hubs about food, food, food!

It doesn't matter whether you can cook or not, you just write about food. I'm sure, you love to eat--haha! Make sure that you write useful and informative hubs because these are included in the criteria for winning in this hub-writing contest.

Commercial break: Are you done signing-up (or retrieving lost password and/or username) on HubPages? Please answer Yes! because it is another good reason to throw a party. To make sure that you won't be busting any personal budget, do not splurge. Just a couple of chips and drinks will be enough for the one and only guest--you. Celebrate your entry to the world of HubPages!

Every day, a hubber is entitled to publish a maximum of 5 hubs/articles with minimum word length of 300 each. There are other rules to follow so you should look for them. What is at stake? A whopping $1000 for the grand winner! You might say you'd be a loser because there might be 15,000 plus hubbers vying for the coveted prize. What the heck! I'll be jumping in even without a prize. HubPages is Exposure--with a capital E. And it will be fun, fun, fun!!! Hiya, what are you waiting for? JUMP IN!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Find Personal Freedom

Hey, guys! I just received a wonderful gift from wonderful people... It's a book! It is small but--whoa!--packed with lots of golden nuggets of wisdom. So what is the title of this mystery book? It is called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. I read it fast and quick maybe because the writing style was free-flowing. Or it was just darned interesting. Life had been pretty trying for me these past years. My initial entry to the world of adults was sprinkled with trials and errors. I had a long and difficult struggle before I finally accepted that I am now an adult. I am not a teenager anymore, who still has some privileges to act childish once in a while. I am now an individual who should be conscious of certain responsibilities for myself and for other people around me. I always expected that adulthood carries a lot of heavy baggage--but not as confusing as I had realized.

The arrival of this wisdom book (not wisdom tooth, I still have 4 of them--haha) to my bookshelf was timely. I did not know that my feelings and thoughts were obstructing my path towards personal freedom. But after reading this book, I have found enlightenment, courage, discretion, and love for myself. I also found lots of questions within myself... Hmm, I should read the book again and again and again to find the answers. :D

P.S. If some of you are still wondering if this post is a review... Definitely yes, I just gave a raving review for "The Four Agreements". See yah all!!! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Grill Tender and Juicy Pork Barbecue -- Easy and Simple

May, the barbecue month, is on its last week. Have you mastered the art of grilling? Still ending up with scorched meat? There are many reasons behind burning meat. The most common is the fat that you forgot to cut (or deliberately left intact to make the barbecue look longer). Liquid fat dripping on hot coals will create fire and smoke. The smoke might help build the appetite. Barbecue smoke can be smelled from as far as the fifth house in the neighborhood. Mmmmm... The air smells delicious! You could guess what's cooking in thy neighbors' grill! Was it pork ribs, beef steak, chicken legs, or salmon steak...? No? Shrimps! Lobsters! Crabs! All??!! My goodness! Where's the party? But the fire... The sizzling fire would just create carcinogenic edges on your grilled food. The fear of acquiring some fatal illness in the far future when you just want to enjoy the outdoor and a delectable meal with family and friends would not encourage you to attend a barbecue party.

Hey, there are many ways of grilling food. There are 2 secrets on producing those mouth-watering and luscious meat kebabs. One, the marinade. Two, the amount of cooking heat. Let's tackle the marinade. Marinating the meat chunks, steaks, or cubes for at least an hour or one night (inside the refrigerator, to avoid bacteria attack) plays a big part on the taste and tenderness of the barbecued meat (pork, beef, and chicken). Fish and other seafood always taste best when grilled fresh and just hours away from being plucked out of the sea. They're also okay when you just plucked them out of the freezer. With proper and correct method of thawing, frozen sea produce would taste great.

Does the kind of grilling stove used matter? Hmm... yes and no. The second secret is all about the amount of heat. Cooking over grill requires the correct type of fuel used. Do you use charcoal with irregular size? Omg! These would produce uneven sources of heat. You need to be a semi-expert to keep the meat from burning or unevenly cooked. Or you need to keep glued to the grill stove all night! The bad news, this wouldn't ensure delectable-looking kebabs because fire that sputters always burns anything upon contact.

Beginners on the grill will do great when using a nice grill stove. Of course, certain barbecue tools will make sure that you handle cooking meat without burning your fingers. Use steel thongs to flip hot meat easily. Or save the meat from burning by a quick transfer to the plate or on the elevated grate. Oh, a barbecue brush would be handy. And a spatula. Yes, why not get the whole set? haha :D

Skewers are also helpful. There are reusable stainless steel. And there are the disposable bamboo sticks.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Practical Tips on Writing for Newbie Bloggers

Today, there are tons of wannabe money earners from online gigs. And the first step to make money on the Internet is through blogging. (Actually, my first dollar was not earned through any blog posts--but that's another story.) Thanks heavens for the recent integration between and! Aspiring bloggers are given greater chances and more helpful tips on how to monetize blogs.

There are 3 steps to perform. 1st: create a gmail address. 2nd: sign-up to both Blogger and Amazon. 3rd: make sure you performed the procedures under the tab named 'Monetize'. This tab (along with other tabs: 'Posting', 'Settings', and 'Layout') is only visible when you're creating new posts. Please take note of the three tabs inside the 'Monetize' tab, namely: 'Adsense Overview', 'Adsense for Feeds', and 'Amazon Associates'. Of course, the most important thing to do after these 3 steps is to start writing your blogs. Blogging is the main gig here. No blogs to monetize, no money to earn.

Oh, don't forget that you need a computer with Internet connection. A laptop or a notebook will do. A couple of books on English language and English grammar will also become handy, even if you're a native English speaker. Blogs are enjoyable to read when free from typo-errors and wrong spellings.

Ok, here are some practical writing tips that could help 'break the ice' for beginners. Most people could spend hours staring on a blank paper or screen or writing space. You might have read this quote somewhere: "Writing is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration." Or something like that.

Everyone has an idea on what topics to write about. But not everyone could finish writing and turning these brilliant ideas into published blogs. One of the pesky enemies that many writers face every time they write is his/her own self. Perfectionism is not bad when you just want to ensure that readers will read quality materials from you. But if you are too perfectionist, you will also be non-productive.

Adapt a 'what-the-heck' attitude during your first months as a rookie writer. Open your eyes and mind when surfing other blog pages. Note anything unusual but interesting. Learn everything worth knowing. Fight the dreaded 'writer's block' through writing the first things that come to your head.

And if you're really feeling lazy, shut down your computer and move on to other activities (like going swimming, playing ball, watching tv, or cooking). Don't forget, you're human and you have a life. Enjoy your writing and money will follow (or is it 'flow'?) Ha-ha! Whatever. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Hobbies for Kids to Learn During Summer Vacation

Hey, kids! Bored from watching TV all day and all night? No? You should be bored! Or you'd get fat and heavy like a bean bag. Would you like to be sat on 'coz you're so wide? Ha-ha! Of course, this is not true. I'm just kidding. You can still watch TV but you may want to take a break. Hobbies are also fun and interesting, especially hobbies for grown-up people. What kind of hobbies? Oohlalala! Check 'em out! 3 cool stuff to learn by cool dudes!

Learn How to Type! Typing is a necessity when you want your fingers to be nimble on the keyboard. The skill will become handy when typing reports and researches that requires absolutely no typo-errors. Just think about how your chat mates would love  your speedy responses because your fingers knew exactly where each letter was.

Learn How to Cook! Bake Cookies! And cakes, pies, and tarts! Follow Mommy to the kitchen and offer to be the little helper. Once you showed Mommy that you are eager to learn cooking and baking, she'd teach you everything and help you be the youngest chef ever. Now, get your apron and cookie cutter. Surprise! Surprise! Boys are also welcome to baking classes.

Build your vocabulary. Create a Word Scrapbook. Everyday, you will write down the new words that you just heard or read. Copy the correct spelling and think of an image that will fit the word. It doesn't have to be the true meaning. You may draw the person or the source where you first encountered the word. Use your crayons. This is fun because you will broaden your vocabulary and your spelling skills will sharpen each day. You will wow your crush next school year! Go, go, kids!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Narcopop.Com is Legal MP3 Website for Music Downloaders and Upcoming Bands

Hiyaaa, guys and gals out there!!! And, uhm, all music lovers! Gotta MP3 player? I bet, yes. Ooooh, an iPod nano? I'll die for the Apple iPod classic -- and for its 160 GB!!! Teenagers (and adults) around the world are crazy on music. Now, where do you get those edgy, dancy, teary tunes? Hmm, there are lots of music site on the Internet but here's one that I'd like to recommend...

Try this one site Narcopop.Com. The music you'd find here is legal and easy to download. Free music from different bands all over the world. It is the home of the legal MP3 Awards since 1999. That's more than 10 years of good reputation. And it's a feat because it's kinda hard to stay online these days. Often, owners lose interest. Sadness... Good thing, stays! :) Free and legal MP3 music are available directly from the music bands. It's like meeting the singers and artists personally! Read some juicy info about musicians' background and history while downloading.

Now, if you're a band who have music to offer the world--ADD your band to It is free. It is easy and quick. Even if you're just starting a band, go ahead. There's no charge to the publicity you'd get. No band? Just a single act? Pure techno? (I admire people who could create music from the computer or music software. I'd go nuts if I'll try to learn Sybelius though.) A bit oldies? Singers, composers, and anyone who got music to share--come all and SHARE your music now. The steps are no-fuss. Just click here: and get yourself listed. There are some requirements:
  • Your Own Domain Name
  • One Full Length Track In Mp3 Format
  • One Widescreen Format Image, 715px X 199px
  • You Can Upload Additional Artwork, Video And Lyrics Too!
Downloading legal MP3 music from is much easier. Say, you're looking for something jazzy. Click on 'Jazz' from the list on the left side bar and get directed to the jazz page. You like the sound of 'Dodo Ranch'? Click on their image and visit their website. Whoa! I found more than 'dodo' music. Whatcha waitin' for? Check Narcopop now and find out what else are in store for you. :) Oh, and once you joined, don't forget to create a playlist. See yah there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Jobs are Not for Everyone

So what have you been doing this summer vacation? The start of the next school year is less than 4 weeks away. What books did you read? What new skills did you acquire? Did you earn extra money from parttime summer online jobs? Hey, do not feel gloomy if you did not contribute to the family's coffers. You're still a student. Enjoy your high school or college days. They won't last, believe me. Enjoy the study days and stop hankering for the working days. Five, three, or one year from now, you'll be working all your life. Of course, you can still study while working. After you graduated in engineering, no one can stop you from taking up law or medicine. In fact, you can stay in college forever if you keep on failing. Joke! ha-ha! Read my lips: go to a beach and enjoy the sun (dare! wear a bikini! weeeiiiii!). Don't forget to bring the picnic food basket and ice chest!

Now, let's talk some business. No one on earth would reject the idea of learning something that could help him or her get some work and earn some money. Yup, good things often start from below. A dollar is still a dollar. Try walking a hundred miles and see if you could find some forlorn-looking dollar bill waiting for you to pick it up. Any currencies these days require a lot of work to earn their presence in your wallet. Those who want to make money in return to a bit of light work are living in paradise--which is really non-existent. Yup, it's hard to accept but life for the new-starters will be more difficult.

Okay, I'll stop rambling and start telling you this juicy idea of earning money online. Are you a chatter? Are you a social butterfly? Do you like social sites so much that you have accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Peeps, and so many others. (Omigosh, social sites are sprouting like mushrooms these days!) Then, what are you waiting for? You gotta talent--don't waste it. Start blogging right now, right here on It's very easy to use. It has built-in monetizing system. It is now integrated with Be a blogger and a seller. And don't forget to promote your blog to friends from different parts of the world. Just don't spam. ha-ha!

Oh, I almost forgot, you may have to set up a Paypal account as one of payment method options (which automatically converts withdrawal to local currency and require ordinary savings account). You may opt to have checks delivered right to your mail box instead; but this method require a dollar account to cashout. Explore these payment issues quite thoroughly and decide carefully before you choose payment method. More helpful info to come! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Wish Gifts for Mother's Day

Let's give a big hurray to all mothers in the whole world! Everybody should honor, respect, and be grateful to his/her mother. Each human being on earth was given birth and nurtured by a mother. So I give a toast to my own mom and a BIG happy HUG. (Where's the wine and goblets?) But aside from the loving hugs and kisses, what else can we give to mothers? There are many, many things to choose from. But since we love our mother, we will look for the healthy and green gifts. And because we also love our pockets, we will buy the gifts that fits the budget. :)
Okay, here are my top 5 wish gifts for all mothers: house plant, handbag, stuffed teddy bear, frock dress, and cellphone (omg! But why not?) Since I was a kid, mom had been working hard to earn extra money for the family--as a freelancer. She opted to be a  stay-at-home-mom for us. I think, she did the right thing because we grew up as responsible individuals who have strong faith in God and deep love for family. We love you, Mama :D Happy Mother's Day! Hope there's a big yummy Yellow Cab pizza!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Gotta New Blog Page!

Hello everyone! After more than 2 years of surfing the Internet (actually I practically lived on the Net in those months full of amazing discoveries!), I finally decided to learn how to monetize blogs through social marketing. It was only a year ago when my HubPages account started earning some income. Though I'd never claim that I'm an expert because the money I earn only trickles. This is the main reason why I got excited upon learning the great news about the Blogger-Amazon integration. I zoomed back into my old Blogger account and started pounding my keyboard as soon as I had this idea. After reading a few social media marketing books and participating in tons of social media sites through use of my personal computer and my antiquated Blackberry phone, I could say that I have succeeded on creating a tinnie-winnie presence on the web these days. This small result required long hours of hard work. I had a few setbacks like getting ignored, blocked, and banned from social sites. But luckily, there are plenty of them now. There's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Tumbler, Plurk, and many more. Have you tried playing the Farmville? Try it now. It's fun!
Alright, I'll stop rambling about my Internet history and start with some good news about my news blogs. Actually, they are family-owned blogs because we all dabble whenever we got free time. You like reading love stories? Check Lady Romantica's Romantic Love Stories. Wanna learn forex trading? Visit Forex Mistress today and find some mean forex books for newbies. And don't forget to click my new personal blog page: CzarinaCleopatra. All the best for everyone!