Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 Hobbies for Kids to Learn During Summer Vacation

Hey, kids! Bored from watching TV all day and all night? No? You should be bored! Or you'd get fat and heavy like a bean bag. Would you like to be sat on 'coz you're so wide? Ha-ha! Of course, this is not true. I'm just kidding. You can still watch TV but you may want to take a break. Hobbies are also fun and interesting, especially hobbies for grown-up people. What kind of hobbies? Oohlalala! Check 'em out! 3 cool stuff to learn by cool dudes!

Learn How to Type! Typing is a necessity when you want your fingers to be nimble on the keyboard. The skill will become handy when typing reports and researches that requires absolutely no typo-errors. Just think about how your chat mates would love  your speedy responses because your fingers knew exactly where each letter was.

Learn How to Cook! Bake Cookies! And cakes, pies, and tarts! Follow Mommy to the kitchen and offer to be the little helper. Once you showed Mommy that you are eager to learn cooking and baking, she'd teach you everything and help you be the youngest chef ever. Now, get your apron and cookie cutter. Surprise! Surprise! Boys are also welcome to baking classes.

Build your vocabulary. Create a Word Scrapbook. Everyday, you will write down the new words that you just heard or read. Copy the correct spelling and think of an image that will fit the word. It doesn't have to be the true meaning. You may draw the person or the source where you first encountered the word. Use your crayons. This is fun because you will broaden your vocabulary and your spelling skills will sharpen each day. You will wow your crush next school year! Go, go, kids!

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