Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Challenge in a Crazy World – 100 Hubs in 30 Days

Hiya! I must have had temporary insanity when I replied to a request: create a hub about those hot platters of spicy and sizzling sisig that almost all Filipino restaurants serve these days. Check this out, GRILLED food lovers! Everything you find in a sizzling sisig plate is grilled and chopped to look mouthwateringly delicious!

After posting the sisig hub, a new challenge came my way. THIS time—I must have gone permanently insane because I JOINED! It’s a crazy challenge said HubPages but, yup-yup-yup-yup, I’m a lunatic who’s thinking of WRITING—and POSTING 100 HUBS in the next 30 DAYS. Whoa! Divide 100 by 30 is equal to: 3 hubs per day for 20 days and 4 hubs per day for 10 days. Attalist!!! Oooheeehmgeeeee!!! Do you think I’m crazy enough to do the Hub Challenge? Nah! I’ll be bombed! Ha-ha! But… maybe 30 hubs??? Hmmmmmm… Timer starts now—May 11, 2009. Check out the tweets from crazy hubbers!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rocky is Back?

Geez, here is one crazy video… Hmmm... Dunno if he was naked or just wearing a green sando... The video is outstandingly funny--with some parts that ain't. Some viewers may even find this video disgusting. Hmmm, you're asking what's my opinion? haha! Never mind. Punching that ham inside the grocery is dubiously funny. Yes, it’s crazy… but for some reasons, it made me laugh.

Why? hehe... Anyway, I wish he'd a take a bath after his training. Wooops, what if he stopped training after a week? Hwaaaaaaaaa… he'd smell rotten! I should've said: he takes a bath once a day--right after his training. Oh, and before I forget, he should change his clothes after each bath--or maybe he owns thousands of green sandos? Hmmm...

P.S. He really loves staying in the grocery, huh?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lingerie Monster Fight? He-he

Geez, do they have to fight over a piece of lingerie? I can’t get it. This commercial is a bit awful… weehhh… The title says it all: “It’s not quite as sexy as it sounds” and may I add: “It’s not as sexy as the girls look.”

It’s quite funny ‘coz this video shows something more. =))

Better start shopping online! Ha-ha!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Oooops! Is something bothering you?

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Here’s the buggin’ bug! HAHA! And maybe I can be a bug too—‘coz I’ll bug you with this buggable buggin’ video! LOL!

I can’t remember the time first I saw this video—but I can still remember who sent me this vids. hehe… Do I have to tell his name? Nah-yup-yup-nah? Anyway, he sent the link to me via StumbleUpon ;) (woooohooo.. I love stumbleupon!)

A big K! Let’s move on. I hope you’d enjoy the video too, guys ‘coz… I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love it. hehe… Believe it or not, I’m still watching it whenever I want to boost up my energy. :) Dunno why but this vids always manages to recharge my lost energy. I feel happy after laughing while watching. :P. Do I sound insane? If it’s insane to be tireless when happy, then I’d like to be insane all the time. Mwahahahahaaaa!

Who plans visiting New York City? Raise your hands or feet – haha!

Hiya! Please count me in! I want to visit NY today. Today? Yes… LOL!

But seriously, I want to go to New York City! Huhhuh… I want to taste the TASTIEST pizza on earth…

Waaaaahaahaahaaa…! I came across this hot PIZZA site that says: if you’re visiting New York City – Here are 7 MUST-EAT Pizzas.

Weeeee… I love them all! (Mmm… mmm… mmm… Shhh, don’t tell anyone that I’m drooling over those photos! LOL!)

I asked two of my friends living in New York about those mouth-watering pizzas. Are THEY real? They replied: Yes! YUMMY and JUICY, too! Grrrr… Yeah! You bet! Those lip-smacking pizzas on the pictures are just a phone call away from their house in NY. Waaaaaaaaa… I want to live in New York! I’m crazy about those pizzas!

Grrr… grrr… grrr… That’s my pizza-hungry stomach grumbling – haha!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Candies are Sweet – Anyone?

Oh-mi-gosh! ha-ha! I shall bet all the candies in our house ‘coz I’m sure you’ve heard this song: “I want candy” by Aaron Carter. Not yet? Oh-mi-gosh again! Then, you must listen to the song now ‘coz it has a new twist. ;)

Geez, when I first saw this video I was like… ha-ha… what-the--! This guy really has guts—and a lot of nuts! He made me laugh so hard! Like this—mwahahahaha-ha-ha! Believe it or not, I watched this video for at least 20 times now! Haha! Yeah! Having a good laugh always makes me feel happy for hours—so I watch the video before I start working. So, mom, this is why I’d suddenly grin and giggle sometimes.

by Stephen Craton

Want to learn how to type fast? Have fun acquiring the speed skill!

Haha! I’m having fun bashing my keyboards these days because I’m also making some alternative music. LOL, I said keyboards not piano, right? To get the music with the right lyrics, you have to create the perfect typing pattern. I do a lot of ‘haha’ and ‘hihi’ while practicing my typing skills. Too bad, my mom’s ears don’t like my musical compositions. She told me to stop playing, er, I mean typing. I stopped but… grrr! said my fingers.

Bwahahaha! I continued playing, of course!—after I tweaked the volume… hehe! Now, let’s hear my music!

Have fun! :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Co-Workers – Lovable or Despicable?

Got problems with co-workers? One or many, even the tiniest spot of disagreement in the workplace can be anti-productive.

Disagreeable, unfriendly, foul-mouthed, etcetera… The list could go on and on. I’m sure you’re itching to add more. ha-ha! Don’t worry, that’s normal. I’m also sure that those particular co-workers will have more things to say about us. Chances are, they also believe in the saying: ‘You cannot please everybody.’

Therefore—let’s all just agree to disagree. We’re living on the same planet, we’re breathing the same air, and we’re working in the same project. So, why can’t we overlook our differences?
If we couldn’t be civil to each other, then let’s just ignore one another. This is a fair offer. Otherwise, we’ll just be like the animals in Africa—always fighting with each other because of territorial jealousies. What animal would you like to be compared with? I think I’d be a meerkat. Why? I don’t know. They’re just cute. ha-ha

Going back to quarrelsome co-workers and colleagues… I can’t possibly spend my time on finding ways to please them. I care, yes. I’m still idealistic enough to wish that the world is full of lovable people. Unfortunately, this is not the reality.

Before I have this habit (healthy or unhealthy?) of trying to please and befriend the people who dislike me. But as time passes by, as my skin grows thicker, I have learned NOT to swallow the sour pills of rejection anymore. I stop inflicting emotional hurt to myself after several attempts of ‘breaking the ice’ with rude individuals. Lately, I’d just shrug off any cold shoulders directed at me and get on with my life.

Here are 2 interesting articles about NON-friendship in the workplace. Take some time to read. You may pick up some tips on how to deal with blatant rudeness!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Photo Shop? It’s P-P-Photo Show!

Shucks! It’s photo time! Hiya!

I just stumbled on this one blog-full of pictures. They’re all cool! I like the fire inside the bubble… the dragon behind the man... Oh, I like EVERY thing here!

Hmmm, I like the mermaid… I want the Levi’s pants… Did I say I like EVERY single thing here? Yup, I think so ;)

Crazy Workers on the Lose? A Company with a Crazy Office—LOL!

Visit the HQ:

OMG! Do you find this office cool? Walls made of cartons!!? OMG—again… The walls are not alone. All the stuffs inside the office are made of cartons, too! :O Computer, fax, telephone, chair, mini-ref, trash can, power box, and mail box! OoohhhEeemMJiiiii!!!

Warning: If you could work in this kind of office—you must be a just-laid-off or just-retired fella.

An Unusual Company Policy:

Ha-ha! Can anyone work for this company? It’s definitely not me! This company never gives a raise. The company’s owner is a certified slave driver who terrorizes every worker in sight. No days-off. No sick leave, vacation—or lunch break!? Did you say—no lunch breaks?! Actually, everyone is allowed to have a lunch break… individually and according to size.

No lolling around inside comfort rooms. Chatting while inside the toilet is strictly prohibited. OR your pictures will be taken and posted on the SHOUT board. LOL! This is funny as a read but when it happening in the real world—the workplace will be the most disgusting spot on earth!

Recession Period: Extreme Budget and Cost-Cutting Strategies in the Office

Give Rice – Get English in Return

Hey, I’m not sure how this site works but it offered to teach me ways of how to widen my vocabulary—English, of course. You will be helping others at the same, while others are helping you. What a cool deal!

You’ll be surprised. There are other subjects as well. Not only English? Yup. The default offer is only set to English vocabulary but there are many more surprises in store for all visitors. Hmmm… really cool!

Check it out here. Feeding your mind and paying back with rice is fair deal. Ya, rice is just a figure of speech. :D

Whoaaat? My Money is Gone, Gone, Gone!

OMG! Here’s a video that made me laugh at exactly 2:40am, last April 4. I was busily doing my stuff when my friend Miranda sent me her article. I got instantly distracted because she discussed the favorite topic of all time—MONEY. ha-ha.

Banking as a way of investment is not a sound choice anymore. No bank can give complete protection and security to our money. All of them offer promises but only a few are able to deliver. We cannot tell how strong banks are nowadays.

"Aaaaaaand It's Gone"

Are You a Comparison Addict?

Do you always compare yourself to others? Well, who doesn’t? You’re not normal when you don’t look at other people’s special trait or characteristics and tell yourself: “I wish I have those cute dimples, too!” or something like this.

Humans are natural oglers. Even animals ogle one another. It’s a way of measuring up your strength against a would-be opponent. Competitiveness is as natural as we breathe. It comes in different levels with each individual. Some people are so subtle; they can hide their being competitive quite skillfully.

Is Being Competitive Bad or Good? I am also guilty of comparing myself to others. There are people who’re house-proud—and over here, I am a person who is work-proud. I always put pride on everything I do. My mom always says to us: “Do your work properly so that you can proudly claim that you’re the one who did it. Give pride to your job.” How do I know when I’m doing the job properly? I’ll know—by finding someone who I can compare myself with. Of course, that someone should pass my standards. ha-ha. Does this sound arrogant? I hope not ‘coz I’m also looking for some INSPIRATION.

Competitiveness often turns bad and somewhat destructive when you’re full of stuff like these inside: insecurity, envy, and jealousy. These are emotions that everyone naturally experiences every now and then. You’ll get positive jolts whenever you’re stabbed with envy if—and only IF—you’ll also be able to push those envious reactions right away. Never let these negative moods grow roots inside your mind and your heart because they’ll only bear bad fruits that will destroy your good spirits.

I found this cool article that talks about the bad effects of getting addicted to comparison. Specially written for Forex traders but the message that the writer conveys can be applied to all kinds of people: siblings, students, employees, and so on.

Click here and find a wise read.


This Girl is Real!

Let me introduce myself first. My name's Czarina Cleopatra. (Yes, it's my real name--not just something that I invented so that my BlogSpot address will be czarinacleopatra). I'll be a third year college student this coming school year. Actually, I'm an irregular because I shifted from Business Management to Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

If you’re asking why I changed my course, I got influenced by my father. Nah, it’s not the usual sob story. It was during the semester break of my first year in college when a neighbor sold an old book to my father. The book is huge and hard bound—and it’s titled “Century 21 Accounting – First Year College.” It was priced so low because its owner finds it useless. But my dear Papa thought otherwise so he pulled out the last few bills from his wallet that day to buy the dusty book.

Of course, he wiped off the dirt with clean cloth before giving his ‘gift’ to me. He also said some encouraging words: “Accountancy is a good profession. Accountants are always in-demand. You can get a job easily even right after graduation.”

That got me tempted to read the book. And while I’m reading, accounting seems easy. It simply involves balancing. Just balance all transactions, debits, and credits—and poof!—you’ve done accounting. The balance sheet is now balanced. Because I thought it was that easy, I shifted to Accountancy the next semester. Two and half years later, I am now on my third year in the course. Yes, I had to burn the midnight lamp many times reading more huge and thick books about Accountancy. This is the catch that my father and I overlooked. Accountants are popular career-wise but you have to kick your ass and study hard first. And so I have more respect with my future profession.

This may be the reason why the idea of creating ‘Cleopatra’s Read’ popped inside my mind. Somehow I have to find a way of letting out some steam. Studying is oftentimes frustrating. All students globally know this. We can’t be serious all the time so here’s some light stuff to bring some cheers.

During the early dawn of April 5, I was lulling myself to sleep. Idly, my mind went over the many things that I’ve done the past day. It is a habit of mine—going over the activities I did before going to sleep. My accounting teachers must be quite effective. :) So, while my brain was running over thousands of images freshly stored inside my memory bank, an old article suddenly jumped out. I got instantly charmed with the said article because of the lesson it contained. I showed appreciation by leaving a nice comment after reading several times.

And while I was smilingly recalling the enjoyment I felt from reading the article, a small voice whispered at the back of my mind: “Why not make your own blog? Write your thoughts and feelings about stories you read—and share them by linking to the stories.” I slowly opened my eyes and checked the time in my cellphone. At exactly 5:30 a.m., a new blog was born. But another three days had passed before ‘Cleopatra’s Read’ managed to become a BlogSpot page.

Here goes the first story. Hope you have a happy reading!