Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Girl is Real!

Let me introduce myself first. My name's Czarina Cleopatra. (Yes, it's my real name--not just something that I invented so that my BlogSpot address will be czarinacleopatra). I'll be a third year college student this coming school year. Actually, I'm an irregular because I shifted from Business Management to Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

If you’re asking why I changed my course, I got influenced by my father. Nah, it’s not the usual sob story. It was during the semester break of my first year in college when a neighbor sold an old book to my father. The book is huge and hard bound—and it’s titled “Century 21 Accounting – First Year College.” It was priced so low because its owner finds it useless. But my dear Papa thought otherwise so he pulled out the last few bills from his wallet that day to buy the dusty book.

Of course, he wiped off the dirt with clean cloth before giving his ‘gift’ to me. He also said some encouraging words: “Accountancy is a good profession. Accountants are always in-demand. You can get a job easily even right after graduation.”

That got me tempted to read the book. And while I’m reading, accounting seems easy. It simply involves balancing. Just balance all transactions, debits, and credits—and poof!—you’ve done accounting. The balance sheet is now balanced. Because I thought it was that easy, I shifted to Accountancy the next semester. Two and half years later, I am now on my third year in the course. Yes, I had to burn the midnight lamp many times reading more huge and thick books about Accountancy. This is the catch that my father and I overlooked. Accountants are popular career-wise but you have to kick your ass and study hard first. And so I have more respect with my future profession.

This may be the reason why the idea of creating ‘Cleopatra’s Read’ popped inside my mind. Somehow I have to find a way of letting out some steam. Studying is oftentimes frustrating. All students globally know this. We can’t be serious all the time so here’s some light stuff to bring some cheers.

During the early dawn of April 5, I was lulling myself to sleep. Idly, my mind went over the many things that I’ve done the past day. It is a habit of mine—going over the activities I did before going to sleep. My accounting teachers must be quite effective. :) So, while my brain was running over thousands of images freshly stored inside my memory bank, an old article suddenly jumped out. I got instantly charmed with the said article because of the lesson it contained. I showed appreciation by leaving a nice comment after reading several times.

And while I was smilingly recalling the enjoyment I felt from reading the article, a small voice whispered at the back of my mind: “Why not make your own blog? Write your thoughts and feelings about stories you read—and share them by linking to the stories.” I slowly opened my eyes and checked the time in my cellphone. At exactly 5:30 a.m., a new blog was born. But another three days had passed before ‘Cleopatra’s Read’ managed to become a BlogSpot page.

Here goes the first story. Hope you have a happy reading!

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  1. From just a huge dusty book huh, maybe you are just destined to be what you are now. Yahp, I guess there will be a brighter future for you if you just continue studying so hard. Just kick some ass!