Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Co-Workers – Lovable or Despicable?

Got problems with co-workers? One or many, even the tiniest spot of disagreement in the workplace can be anti-productive.

Disagreeable, unfriendly, foul-mouthed, etcetera… The list could go on and on. I’m sure you’re itching to add more. ha-ha! Don’t worry, that’s normal. I’m also sure that those particular co-workers will have more things to say about us. Chances are, they also believe in the saying: ‘You cannot please everybody.’

Therefore—let’s all just agree to disagree. We’re living on the same planet, we’re breathing the same air, and we’re working in the same project. So, why can’t we overlook our differences?
If we couldn’t be civil to each other, then let’s just ignore one another. This is a fair offer. Otherwise, we’ll just be like the animals in Africa—always fighting with each other because of territorial jealousies. What animal would you like to be compared with? I think I’d be a meerkat. Why? I don’t know. They’re just cute. ha-ha

Going back to quarrelsome co-workers and colleagues… I can’t possibly spend my time on finding ways to please them. I care, yes. I’m still idealistic enough to wish that the world is full of lovable people. Unfortunately, this is not the reality.

Before I have this habit (healthy or unhealthy?) of trying to please and befriend the people who dislike me. But as time passes by, as my skin grows thicker, I have learned NOT to swallow the sour pills of rejection anymore. I stop inflicting emotional hurt to myself after several attempts of ‘breaking the ice’ with rude individuals. Lately, I’d just shrug off any cold shoulders directed at me and get on with my life.

Here are 2 interesting articles about NON-friendship in the workplace. Take some time to read. You may pick up some tips on how to deal with blatant rudeness!

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