Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crazy Workers on the Lose? A Company with a Crazy Office—LOL!

Visit the HQ:

OMG! Do you find this office cool? Walls made of cartons!!? OMG—again… The walls are not alone. All the stuffs inside the office are made of cartons, too! :O Computer, fax, telephone, chair, mini-ref, trash can, power box, and mail box! OoohhhEeemMJiiiii!!!

Warning: If you could work in this kind of office—you must be a just-laid-off or just-retired fella.

An Unusual Company Policy:

Ha-ha! Can anyone work for this company? It’s definitely not me! This company never gives a raise. The company’s owner is a certified slave driver who terrorizes every worker in sight. No days-off. No sick leave, vacation—or lunch break!? Did you say—no lunch breaks?! Actually, everyone is allowed to have a lunch break… individually and according to size.

No lolling around inside comfort rooms. Chatting while inside the toilet is strictly prohibited. OR your pictures will be taken and posted on the SHOUT board. LOL! This is funny as a read but when it happening in the real world—the workplace will be the most disgusting spot on earth!

Recession Period: Extreme Budget and Cost-Cutting Strategies in the Office

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