Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd Time! - My Hub is One of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest!!! PLEASE VOTE for ME AGAIN!!!

Last week had been so busy, busy, busy. Along with everything else in my life, I completed just one hub but it was so draining because half of my soul was poured into it. I never thought I could finish it on time. I was able to press the button 'publish' at 2:57 AM. It was really suspenseful! (Believe it or not, the past hubs were published at around the same, too! LOL)

Unfortunately, I couldn't dance with glee this time 'coz it's only 3:34 AM when I learned that I got lucky again! Yup, I did a lot of work for my hubs -- just like my other fellow hubbers. But I really believe I also had some luck thrown in. And my luck got started when I discovered and JOINED HubPages, 2 years ago. Wanna join now? Just click this: I WANNA BE LUCKY! Signing-up will be fun! Haha!

And now, here's my latest hub: "Philippine Cuisine – Filipino Dishes for Everyday and Special Occasions". Please, please, please VOTE for My HUB AGAIN.

Please CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE :) Sorry, I gotta say this again: 'Please Hurry' because voting time will last for 48 hours only.

Just click the voting link (it's above), choose the hub titled 'Philippine Cuisine – Filipino Dishes for Everyday and Special Occasions' -- it's inside the red box on the image below. Just tick the small circle beside 'Vote!', and press the button 'Cast My Vote'!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Hub is One of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest AGAIN!!!

Update: I made 3 more hubs with titles... 'Uses of Japanese Knives', 'Budget-Friendly Breakfast Fried Rice Recipes', and 'Delicious Rice Cake Recipes for Snack'. I know I'm kind of slow in my hub writing but I always give my best to every hub I publish. If my heart and soul were not included in any of my hubs, I couldn't force myself to, well, hub. hehe. Sounds like a procrastination, huh? Well... one of the 3 hubs above is included in this week's 10 Finalists--again! lol. I'm dancing while I'm sitting on my bed and in front of my computer! And it's just 6:30 AM! Wow! My grin is from ear to ear! I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you for giving recognition to my efforts, HubPages!

I hope you will vote for me again. Please CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE :) Please hurry because voting time will last for 48 hours only.

It's very easy. After clicking the voting link, choose the hub titled 'Delicious Rice Cake Recipes for Snack' -- the one inside the red box on the image below. Tick the small circle and press the button 'Cast My Vote'!

Thank you very much in advance :P I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Hub is One of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest!!!

Yipee! One of my hubs -- "Prolific Cereal Grains: Corn and Wheat"  is chosen as one of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest!!! I can't believe it! But I must believe it so that I can start asking everyone  to vote for me--I mean, for my lucky hub. lol!

Hello Everybody! Please vote for “Prolific Cereal Grains: Corn and Wheat” by Queen Cleopatra. CLICK THIS MESSAGE TO VOTE. Thank you very much! Deadline for voting is June 10 so please hurry. Those who will vote will get a kiss--muah! haha...

It's not yet late to join the Hubbalicious. Sign-Up now on HubPages and feel the fun and excitement of writing about the most delicious topic of all time -- FOOD! Let's write and read about foods!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Third Day on the Hubbalicious is Super-Exciting!

After the 3rd day in the Hubbalicious roller-coaster, I am partially wrung out and a bit frustrated but -- super-exciting. I over-planned the one hub that I chose to write and I under-estimated the time allotted for it. Usually, I write like a snail. I take my time while browsing for information, images, and videos. I had over-estimated my typing and reading skills so I was not able to do everything I want to do on my latest hubbalicious hub. Actually, the hub could be over-long but for me, it still fell short... But what the heck, the hub is published now and I should be resting my eyes and my arms. What's the remedy for aching eye muscles?

The category for June 3 is Herbs & Spices and Extracts & Flavorings. I decided to write about 'Herbs and Spices' without any important reason. I just like the sound of 'spices'. It's like putting some spice in your life... or something like that. lol.

Please CLICK HERE to get a peek of the hub, which is the current reason why I'm bashing my head--I mean--my fingers on the keyboard now. I may be biased because it's my work but I really like the colors on the page. lol!

Hope you have decided to join HubPages now so here's the KEY to the HUB DOOR. lol! Hope to see you there, hubber! :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Second Day on the Hubbalicious is Still Nerve-Wracking!

Whew! 2 hubs in a day is too much-much-much for my bode. I managed to write 1 hub for the June 3 of Hubbalicious. The category for today is Cheese & Dairy. My hub is about Cottage Cheese.

If you wanna know lots of stuff about cottage cheese CLICK HERE!

You haven't joined HubPages yet? Don't worry, you still have 26 days to do so. What are you afraid of? Just jump in! There are lots of good-hearted and helpful writers in HubPages. JOIN us now!

Aha! I think you're afraid of the timer below. Don't be scared. The worst thing that could happen to you if you missed to finish - and publish - your hub is get disqualified for one day. You are still allowed to publish the late hub. :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Day on the Hubbalicious is a Roller Coaster

Heeeyyyaaaa! About 2 hours before the deadline of June 1st -- according to the Hubbalicious' nerve-wracking timer, I clicked the button to publish my 2nd hub entry. Wheeww! I couldn't believe it! I planned to write 3 hubs but I am so tired now so I deleted the unwritten hub -- with gusto. haha! No more hubs for the next few hours. lol! I don't know if I'd be able to write again before the June 2nd deadline.

There were 2 categories for June 1: Beans & Pulses and Rices & Grains.

I chose the latter. What are my hubs about? The 1st hub is about RICE and a LOT of STUFF about Rice. It was fun writing it!

The 2nd hub is about 2 Cereal Grains: CORN & WHEAT. More fun!!! C'mon, take a peep! Visit my hubs. There's a friend lol!

Everyone can still join. Just CLICK HERE to enter the exciting world of HubPages!