Saturday, June 5, 2010

Third Day on the Hubbalicious is Super-Exciting!

After the 3rd day in the Hubbalicious roller-coaster, I am partially wrung out and a bit frustrated but -- super-exciting. I over-planned the one hub that I chose to write and I under-estimated the time allotted for it. Usually, I write like a snail. I take my time while browsing for information, images, and videos. I had over-estimated my typing and reading skills so I was not able to do everything I want to do on my latest hubbalicious hub. Actually, the hub could be over-long but for me, it still fell short... But what the heck, the hub is published now and I should be resting my eyes and my arms. What's the remedy for aching eye muscles?

The category for June 3 is Herbs & Spices and Extracts & Flavorings. I decided to write about 'Herbs and Spices' without any important reason. I just like the sound of 'spices'. It's like putting some spice in your life... or something like that. lol.

Please CLICK HERE to get a peek of the hub, which is the current reason why I'm bashing my head--I mean--my fingers on the keyboard now. I may be biased because it's my work but I really like the colors on the page. lol!

Hope you have decided to join HubPages now so here's the KEY to the HUB DOOR. lol! Hope to see you there, hubber! :D

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