Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd Time! - My Hub is One of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest!!! PLEASE VOTE for ME AGAIN!!!

Last week had been so busy, busy, busy. Along with everything else in my life, I completed just one hub but it was so draining because half of my soul was poured into it. I never thought I could finish it on time. I was able to press the button 'publish' at 2:57 AM. It was really suspenseful! (Believe it or not, the past hubs were published at around the same, too! LOL)

Unfortunately, I couldn't dance with glee this time 'coz it's only 3:34 AM when I learned that I got lucky again! Yup, I did a lot of work for my hubs -- just like my other fellow hubbers. But I really believe I also had some luck thrown in. And my luck got started when I discovered and JOINED HubPages, 2 years ago. Wanna join now? Just click this: I WANNA BE LUCKY! Signing-up will be fun! Haha!

And now, here's my latest hub: "Philippine Cuisine – Filipino Dishes for Everyday and Special Occasions". Please, please, please VOTE for My HUB AGAIN.

Please CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE :) Sorry, I gotta say this again: 'Please Hurry' because voting time will last for 48 hours only.

Just click the voting link (it's above), choose the hub titled 'Philippine Cuisine – Filipino Dishes for Everyday and Special Occasions' -- it's inside the red box on the image below. Just tick the small circle beside 'Vote!', and press the button 'Cast My Vote'!

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