Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Hub is One of the 10 Finalists in the Hubbalicious Contest AGAIN!!!

Update: I made 3 more hubs with titles... 'Uses of Japanese Knives', 'Budget-Friendly Breakfast Fried Rice Recipes', and 'Delicious Rice Cake Recipes for Snack'. I know I'm kind of slow in my hub writing but I always give my best to every hub I publish. If my heart and soul were not included in any of my hubs, I couldn't force myself to, well, hub. hehe. Sounds like a procrastination, huh? Well... one of the 3 hubs above is included in this week's 10 Finalists--again! lol. I'm dancing while I'm sitting on my bed and in front of my computer! And it's just 6:30 AM! Wow! My grin is from ear to ear! I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you for giving recognition to my efforts, HubPages!

I hope you will vote for me again. Please CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE :) Please hurry because voting time will last for 48 hours only.

It's very easy. After clicking the voting link, choose the hub titled 'Delicious Rice Cake Recipes for Snack' -- the one inside the red box on the image below. Tick the small circle and press the button 'Cast My Vote'!

Thank you very much in advance :P I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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