Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Candies are Sweet – Anyone?

Oh-mi-gosh! ha-ha! I shall bet all the candies in our house ‘coz I’m sure you’ve heard this song: “I want candy” by Aaron Carter. Not yet? Oh-mi-gosh again! Then, you must listen to the song now ‘coz it has a new twist. ;)

Geez, when I first saw this video I was like… ha-ha… what-the--! This guy really has guts—and a lot of nuts! He made me laugh so hard! Like this—mwahahahaha-ha-ha! Believe it or not, I watched this video for at least 20 times now! Haha! Yeah! Having a good laugh always makes me feel happy for hours—so I watch the video before I start working. So, mom, this is why I’d suddenly grin and giggle sometimes.

by Stephen Craton

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