Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rocky is Back?

Geez, here is one crazy video… Hmmm... Dunno if he was naked or just wearing a green sando... The video is outstandingly funny--with some parts that ain't. Some viewers may even find this video disgusting. Hmmm, you're asking what's my opinion? haha! Never mind. Punching that ham inside the grocery is dubiously funny. Yes, it’s crazy… but for some reasons, it made me laugh.

Why? hehe... Anyway, I wish he'd a take a bath after his training. Wooops, what if he stopped training after a week? Hwaaaaaaaaa… he'd smell rotten! I should've said: he takes a bath once a day--right after his training. Oh, and before I forget, he should change his clothes after each bath--or maybe he owns thousands of green sandos? Hmmm...

P.S. He really loves staying in the grocery, huh?

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