Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are You a Comparison Addict?

Do you always compare yourself to others? Well, who doesn’t? You’re not normal when you don’t look at other people’s special trait or characteristics and tell yourself: “I wish I have those cute dimples, too!” or something like this.

Humans are natural oglers. Even animals ogle one another. It’s a way of measuring up your strength against a would-be opponent. Competitiveness is as natural as we breathe. It comes in different levels with each individual. Some people are so subtle; they can hide their being competitive quite skillfully.

Is Being Competitive Bad or Good? I am also guilty of comparing myself to others. There are people who’re house-proud—and over here, I am a person who is work-proud. I always put pride on everything I do. My mom always says to us: “Do your work properly so that you can proudly claim that you’re the one who did it. Give pride to your job.” How do I know when I’m doing the job properly? I’ll know—by finding someone who I can compare myself with. Of course, that someone should pass my standards. ha-ha. Does this sound arrogant? I hope not ‘coz I’m also looking for some INSPIRATION.

Competitiveness often turns bad and somewhat destructive when you’re full of stuff like these inside: insecurity, envy, and jealousy. These are emotions that everyone naturally experiences every now and then. You’ll get positive jolts whenever you’re stabbed with envy if—and only IF—you’ll also be able to push those envious reactions right away. Never let these negative moods grow roots inside your mind and your heart because they’ll only bear bad fruits that will destroy your good spirits.

I found this cool article that talks about the bad effects of getting addicted to comparison. Specially written for Forex traders but the message that the writer conveys can be applied to all kinds of people: siblings, students, employees, and so on.

Click here and find a wise read.


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