Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Wish Gifts for Mother's Day

Let's give a big hurray to all mothers in the whole world! Everybody should honor, respect, and be grateful to his/her mother. Each human being on earth was given birth and nurtured by a mother. So I give a toast to my own mom and a BIG happy HUG. (Where's the wine and goblets?) But aside from the loving hugs and kisses, what else can we give to mothers? There are many, many things to choose from. But since we love our mother, we will look for the healthy and green gifts. And because we also love our pockets, we will buy the gifts that fits the budget. :)
Okay, here are my top 5 wish gifts for all mothers: house plant, handbag, stuffed teddy bear, frock dress, and cellphone (omg! But why not?) Since I was a kid, mom had been working hard to earn extra money for the family--as a freelancer. She opted to be a  stay-at-home-mom for us. I think, she did the right thing because we grew up as responsible individuals who have strong faith in God and deep love for family. We love you, Mama :D Happy Mother's Day! Hope there's a big yummy Yellow Cab pizza!

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