Friday, May 14, 2010

Practical Tips on Writing for Newbie Bloggers

Today, there are tons of wannabe money earners from online gigs. And the first step to make money on the Internet is through blogging. (Actually, my first dollar was not earned through any blog posts--but that's another story.) Thanks heavens for the recent integration between and! Aspiring bloggers are given greater chances and more helpful tips on how to monetize blogs.

There are 3 steps to perform. 1st: create a gmail address. 2nd: sign-up to both Blogger and Amazon. 3rd: make sure you performed the procedures under the tab named 'Monetize'. This tab (along with other tabs: 'Posting', 'Settings', and 'Layout') is only visible when you're creating new posts. Please take note of the three tabs inside the 'Monetize' tab, namely: 'Adsense Overview', 'Adsense for Feeds', and 'Amazon Associates'. Of course, the most important thing to do after these 3 steps is to start writing your blogs. Blogging is the main gig here. No blogs to monetize, no money to earn.

Oh, don't forget that you need a computer with Internet connection. A laptop or a notebook will do. A couple of books on English language and English grammar will also become handy, even if you're a native English speaker. Blogs are enjoyable to read when free from typo-errors and wrong spellings.

Ok, here are some practical writing tips that could help 'break the ice' for beginners. Most people could spend hours staring on a blank paper or screen or writing space. You might have read this quote somewhere: "Writing is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration." Or something like that.

Everyone has an idea on what topics to write about. But not everyone could finish writing and turning these brilliant ideas into published blogs. One of the pesky enemies that many writers face every time they write is his/her own self. Perfectionism is not bad when you just want to ensure that readers will read quality materials from you. But if you are too perfectionist, you will also be non-productive.

Adapt a 'what-the-heck' attitude during your first months as a rookie writer. Open your eyes and mind when surfing other blog pages. Note anything unusual but interesting. Learn everything worth knowing. Fight the dreaded 'writer's block' through writing the first things that come to your head.

And if you're really feeling lazy, shut down your computer and move on to other activities (like going swimming, playing ball, watching tv, or cooking). Don't forget, you're human and you have a life. Enjoy your writing and money will follow (or is it 'flow'?) Ha-ha! Whatever. :)

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