Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Grill Tender and Juicy Pork Barbecue -- Easy and Simple

May, the barbecue month, is on its last week. Have you mastered the art of grilling? Still ending up with scorched meat? There are many reasons behind burning meat. The most common is the fat that you forgot to cut (or deliberately left intact to make the barbecue look longer). Liquid fat dripping on hot coals will create fire and smoke. The smoke might help build the appetite. Barbecue smoke can be smelled from as far as the fifth house in the neighborhood. Mmmmm... The air smells delicious! You could guess what's cooking in thy neighbors' grill! Was it pork ribs, beef steak, chicken legs, or salmon steak...? No? Shrimps! Lobsters! Crabs! All??!! My goodness! Where's the party? But the fire... The sizzling fire would just create carcinogenic edges on your grilled food. The fear of acquiring some fatal illness in the far future when you just want to enjoy the outdoor and a delectable meal with family and friends would not encourage you to attend a barbecue party.

Hey, there are many ways of grilling food. There are 2 secrets on producing those mouth-watering and luscious meat kebabs. One, the marinade. Two, the amount of cooking heat. Let's tackle the marinade. Marinating the meat chunks, steaks, or cubes for at least an hour or one night (inside the refrigerator, to avoid bacteria attack) plays a big part on the taste and tenderness of the barbecued meat (pork, beef, and chicken). Fish and other seafood always taste best when grilled fresh and just hours away from being plucked out of the sea. They're also okay when you just plucked them out of the freezer. With proper and correct method of thawing, frozen sea produce would taste great.

Does the kind of grilling stove used matter? Hmm... yes and no. The second secret is all about the amount of heat. Cooking over grill requires the correct type of fuel used. Do you use charcoal with irregular size? Omg! These would produce uneven sources of heat. You need to be a semi-expert to keep the meat from burning or unevenly cooked. Or you need to keep glued to the grill stove all night! The bad news, this wouldn't ensure delectable-looking kebabs because fire that sputters always burns anything upon contact.

Beginners on the grill will do great when using a nice grill stove. Of course, certain barbecue tools will make sure that you handle cooking meat without burning your fingers. Use steel thongs to flip hot meat easily. Or save the meat from burning by a quick transfer to the plate or on the elevated grate. Oh, a barbecue brush would be handy. And a spatula. Yes, why not get the whole set? haha :D

Skewers are also helpful. There are reusable stainless steel. And there are the disposable bamboo sticks.

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