Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Are Your Secret Pleasures?

Everyone, I think, has one or two secret pleasures. But why hide them?

Maybe because they make one feel wicked? Lol

Most girls, especially those easy-to-get-chubby gals, love and hate eating.

But who could resist crispily fried chicken! I couldn’t!

But I must be strong-willed. (sigh) Eversince acne decided to grow pimple farms all over my face, I had to avoid eating those juicy, tasty, oh-so-yummy… mmm… fried chicken!

Grrr, I hate chicken!

Those are the exact words that always swirl inside my brain whenever my family eat fried chicken in front of me. I should hate them, too but they have the right to eat what they want…

So I just try my best to ignore the most delicious chow on earth. Whew!

For how long? Only time will tell…

These days, I eat crunchy and crispy fried chickens only in my dreams.

Maybe someday, I will allow myself to eat those goodies again.

For now, I have to resist the temptation – on a weekly basis? Joke! haha

Here’s the reality: a secret bite of fried chicken would always give me pleasure but after a few days, my skin would show a cluster of angry-looking pimples as damning evidence of my weakness.

Should I thank my skin for being so strict? lol

What about you? What is your deepest and darkest pleasure? Please tell us about it!


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