Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Book Review: Working With You is Killing Me

Can I ask you a question? A rather personal... and prodding... question. How many jobs have you loved and have been forced to quit because of something - no, someone - unpalatable to co-exist with in the workplace? 

Well, don't worry. I think, it's the norm even during the recession. Most people would say: "It's not the money, dude! It's for my personal satisfaction and contentment at work."

Gotta point there... You don't want to suffer. It's a waste of time trying to learn liking very unlikeable persons. bla-bla-bla...

But here's another point. Do you enjoy running away? Are you happy to be a quitter?

You cannot run. You cannot suffer. Forever.

But --

You can change your self. You can change your reaction. And you can change your life.

What is it! What is the secret to a happy work life!

It is not a secret. It is simply called communication. You just have to open the two-way communication lines. And leave 'em open all the time.

And this is a must ingredient -- empathy. You should be emphatic to be able to understand (and to fully realize) that other people may be suffering from difficulties, too. Just try to open your eyes at all times. Learn how to look into other people's hearts and you may see their pain.

After reading this book, I have been able to free myself from emotional traps at work. I salute Ms Katherine Crowley for writing such a good book. It helped me a lot. It should help you, too!

And before I end this brief book review, I'd like to say thanks to the wonderful people who let me borrow this book. :)

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